Writing SEO blogs that work? Check!

What should you write about? Where do you find inspiration? How will people find and read your blog? And how do you attract new customers with it? If you’ve ever found yourself pondering any of these questions, this blog post is here to help! Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to create a successful SEO blog.
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Eloqua Oracle

Oracle Eloqua – changes in e-mail and Landing Page editors

I’m not sure if you know, but in the near future there will be significant changes for Eloqua system users using "old" email and landing page editors. In August 2019, i.e. 3 months from now, the so-called "Eloqua Classic Email and Landing Page Design Editors", i.e. "old" editors will no longer be available.
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B2B social selling

Social Selling for B2B sellers

Two years ago, when I was telling the B2B sellers how to use social selling in their work, I faced mainly disbelief. Most marketers claimed that social media was suitable for promoting trendy consumer products for young people and B2B is best when done face to face.

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B2B social selling

Social Selling in B2B marketing

Most of the clients I have talked to believe that social selling is purely a selling activity and see it as a way of avoiding the despised cold calling. Unfortunately they complain about insufficient support from the marketing department and often expect me to help them implement efficient selling strategies, but without involving the marketing. It is an unfavorable situation and I always try to lure the sellers away from this solitary struggle.

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Generowanie leadów sprzedażowych

How to prepare a strategy of generating sale leads in B2B?

Generating leads is no novelty in B2B sale and marketing. However, the conditions in which companies compete for winning and retaining clients are new. How to prepare a lead generating strategy and what new challenges the sale and marketing departments face in a world where a client knows all about a brand before even meeting the seller?

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Oracle Eloqua, advanced platform for marketing automation

What is Eloqua and why it is the best Marketing Automation solution in the market?

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Data analysis

Take control of the data you possess and the data you want to collect

If you want to implement a marketing automation system, you need to know what sort of data to collect and what to do with the data. Paradoxically, too much data is no benefit at all, as it’s difficult to draw conclusions from large datasets. The more data you process, the more expensive the system license also is, making you bear unnecessary expenses.
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Seller Experience tips

Four tips for a better seller experience

A Gartner research report reveals that 20% of all B2B deals get stranded as a result of excessively complex rules and procedures within the organisation. B2B companies have made significant efforts to offer a better customer experience by introducing an inbound approach and marketing automation. Yet amidst all these efforts, it seems as though we have overlooked a crucial link in the customer experience: the ‘seller experience’.

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Matryca Treści

How to design a content strategy using Content Matrix?

Content Matrix is a tool that will help you design and implement a content strategy. It allows to determine to whom the content should be directed, at which stage of the decision-making process it should reach the client and how it can help the client at each of these stages. This tool is very useful for companies which plan to implement Marketing Automation.

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Automation is indispensable to marketing

9 reasons why automation is indispensable to your marketing

With digital marketing, the consumer is in charge. As marketers, we therefore juggle daily with tools and channels such as social media, Meltwater, MailChimp, Google Analytics, Google Trends and Google AdWords. Manual marketing has been superseded. To keep all balls in the air and generate relevant leads, as well, you need marketing automation.

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Marketing Automation preparation

Marketing Automation - prepare yoursefl before you start acting

Marketing Automation tools are used in analysing profiles and behaviours of current and future clients, and designing personal content for each of them. Thanks to this individually measured approach, a client visiting your website for the first time, will see different content than somebody else visiting it again. The goal of employing methods and tools of Marketing Automation is to increase the amount and the quality of so called leads, that is prospective clients who are ready to make purchases.

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Investment in marketing automation

Take full advantafe of your Marketing Automation investment

After few years working with companies who deployed Marketing Automation I realized that in many cases such deployment doesn’t return expected value and may put you as the owner of the project in an uncomfortable position.

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Cyfrowy Język Ciała

What is digital body language?

Digital body language is a set of behaviors exhibited by users of Internet or other digital media. Thanks to analytical and marketing tools, we can observe these behaviors and adjust our method of communication according to them, as well as generate sales leads more effectively.

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Lead Generation

Generating high quality leads and sales opportunities

Most B2B marketers declare that their most important objective is generating leads. However, since people use numerous definitions of a lead, this could result in serious problems in communication with sales departments and hinder evaluation of the marketers’ work.

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Embrace user generated content to enhance brand awareness

If you are working with communication of some sort, you are facing the challenge of increasing brand awareness to an audience that is overwhelmed with content. Today, marketing professionals are competing to find more innovative ways of getting the message out.

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5 wskazówek jak skutecznie dotrzeć do grupy docelowej

Marketing Automation: 5 tips for reaching your target group

For companies engaging in content marketing, marketing automation is an inherent part of an effective marketing strategy. To convince potential customers and keep your existing customers happy, push techniques are no longer anywhere near enough. As conditioned consumers, we have become allergic to waffle and want to get straight down to business. Before we even realise what we need, we are presented with a solution. To avoid, above all, Wasting … Any… Time.

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Trzy główne trendy marketingu B2B

Three major B2B marketing trends

Christmas trees are no longer lighting up our houses nor the streets. Time to throw some light on the marketing trends for 2017. On which branches should you, as a company, be focusing? What do your clients have on their wish lists? And how can you bag a prospect? We present three interesting ideas.

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Tracking codes and scripts

Eloqua in practice - tracking scripts and tags

Eloqua system has useful functionalities which help marketers act effectively and efficiently. One of them is the possibility to track websites through generated tracking scripts, which we place on our sites. From this moment on, we can collect information about user behaviour. In order to streamline this process and make it simple and user-friendly, Eloqua enabled another very useful functionality – allocating classifying descriptions (tags) to the tracked sites.

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