Embrace user generated content to enhance brand awareness

If you are working with communication of some sort, you are facing the challenge of increasing brand awareness to an audience that is overwhelmed with content. Today, marketing professionals are competing to find more innovative ways of getting the message out.

So how will you take this on? According to a worldwide study by Nielsen, 70% of the people surveyed trusted consumer opinions posted online and as much as 90% trust word-of-mouth marketing from people they know. That’s why social media plays such an important role in today’s communication environment. Although social media aren’t new, few brands use them to their full potential to enhance their brand awareness.

The Take on User Generated Content

One of the fastest growing strategies to increase brand awareness is through user-generated content (UGC). UGC can be any type of content that turns your audience into a marketing force, such as social media mentions, videos, pictures, comments, blog posts, reviews etc. This third-party content can live on social media channels, on branded or non-branded sites. Adding UGC is more cost-effective than traditional marketing initiatives and if used in the right way – way more powerful. It will not only enhance brand awareness but also increase trust and boost sales.

”UGC is particularly suited to driving consideration and conversion given its authenticity”Gartner

Brand Awareness is all about Visibility

The easiest and most cost-effective take on UGC is to curate and re-publish the content for your audience. There´s several tools to help you visualize the content, some of them even letting you moderate it to be in line with your brand, Sparkle being one of them. To find the right UGC and keep track of engagement across your social channels, use a social listening tool like Notified or Brand24.

Another way of spreading the word about your brand with UGC is cultivation. Use a hashtag or hold a social media competition and get your target group engaged. This way you can stir the content to better support your campaign initiative and marketing strategy. The eneloop Europe Expedition 2100 is a great example of how UGC can be used with the help of a well planned strategy to enhance brand awareness.

Let your audience be a part of telling your story and embrace all of the possibilities of growing your brand with the help of user generated content. Good luck!

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