Marketing Automation: 5 tips for reaching your target group

For companies engaging in content marketing, marketing automation is an inherent part of an effective marketing strategy. To convince potential customers and keep your existing customers happy, push techniques are no longer anywhere near enough. As conditioned consumers, we have become allergic to waffle and want to get straight down to business. Before we even realise what we need, we are presented with a solution. To avoid, above all, Wasting … Any… Time.

Marketing is therefore becoming increasingly tangible and marketers are segmenting leads, prospects, customers and brand ambassadors with the aim of providing them with customised solutions. And that is precisely what we need marketing automation for: a tool for giving customers a face and reaching them – really getting through to them – through the right channel. Marketing automation is as effective as you, yourself, make it, so we have compiled a list of 5 important tips.

1. Marketing automation is a tool

Marketing automation is a technology-based marketing practice. You still have to determine your own strategy. Marketing automation software, such as Hubspot and Eloqua, are capable of a great deal: they can register customer behaviour in various marketing channels (websites, emails, social media…), segment groups, collect personal data, send targeted messages and even communicate with other smart applications. Defining those actions so that you, as a company, get the most out of them, is up to you, though. As with any other form of marketing, there first needs to be a whole lot of thinking. The software primarily makes the execution of your marketing strategy easier and more efficient.

2. Good marketing automation is dynamic

‘Standing still means going backwards’ applies to marketing automation, too. Have you set up filters? Defined actions? Planned emails? Linked the profiles in your marketing automation software to your CRM system? … Great. High time for evaluation. The behaviour and composition of your target group changes at lightning pace. To stay one step ahead, it’s important to continually evaluate and promptly adjust your marketing efforts. So always keep one eye on your data and the other on your automation process.

3. Automation is not the same as robot language

When properly set up, marketing automation software can respond to the needs of the recipient. It makes the marketing more personal and addresses a profile or individual. If you go to all that trouble to define segments, then make sure you speak your consumers’ language, as well. Lay language, in other words – preferably with a personal touch

4. Successful marketing automation is active and reactive

Be enthusiastic and – above all – socially correct. Good service makes for happy customers, who, with a bit of extra commitment, will happily become ambassadors for your brand. Reward regular customers and make a point of always answering immediately. Even if you send an automated message, any (potential) customer likes to feel heard and cared for.

5. Marketing automation is a question of planning

Analyse your target group and see when they are most active. Don’t inundate them with messages; choose your moment. Marketing automation software enables you to plan messages geared to the behaviour of your virtual dialogue partner. You can, for example, choose to include a new lead in an existing lead-nurturing campaign just two days after they have completed a certain form. Put yourself in their shoes and use the planning function to determine crucial decision moments. A good marketer knows the difference between marketing and spam.

Marketing automation doesn’t change the basic principles of marketing; it supplements them. The only new thing about it is the technology. And that can save you a great deal of time and money. With a high-quality contact list, an operational marketing-automation tool and the right content, you can already go a long way. Now, all you need is a strategic partner and you will be on the right track! 😉

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