Oracle Eloqua – changes in e-mail and Landing Page editors

I’m not sure if you know, but in the near future there will be significant changes for Eloqua system users using “old” email and landing page editors. In August 2019, i.e. 3 months from now, the so-called “Eloqua Classic Email and Landing Page Design Editors”, i.e. “old” editors will no longer be available.

What does this mean for Eloqua users in practice?

For some Oracle Eloqua users it will not matter at all – if you have already used the new “Eloqua Email and Landing Page Design Editors” or created e-mails and LPs in HTML or you only need to preview them without the possibility to edit and change them in “old” e-mail editors and LPs, the change will not have much practical meaning for you.

If you used “old” editors using the “drag and drop” mechanism and you still use emails and LPs created in this way, you should think about building them again in new editors as soon as possible.

There is not much time left, because migrating or moving created emails and LPs to new editors is unfortunately not possible and it is necessary to create them from scratch.

Changes are planned in the following periods:

  • As of mid-May 2019 (Release 19B) , customers will not be able to create new emails or landing pages using the Classic Design Editors or API, and
  • As of August 2019 (Release 19C), any emails or landing pages created with the Classic Design Editors will move to a “View-Only” state and will no longer be editable using the editor or API. After the 19C release, these assets will still function, but you will not be able to make any changes to them.

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